CinnaMon"Key" ~ A cross between the traditional sticky bun & the cinnamon roll. The traditional just can not compare to the heavenly taste of the cinnamon caramel CinnaMon"Key" covered in our homemade vanilla cream! AMAZING!

Mon"Keylime" ~ a Florida Keys tradition with a Mon"Key" twist! 
Simply outrageous! Key Lime pie can not keep up with the Mon"Key". Our insanely yummy Mon"Key"buntz TM created with a touch of everything that makes the traditional pie so great. 
Coconutty Mon"Key" We Mon"Key"ed around with the tropical flavor of island coconuts and created the most incredible & scrumptious YUUUUUM! Layers of coconut & cinnamon caramel!
Out of this world!

NannaMon"Key" ~ Our delicious take on Grandma's banana bread. 
This treat for the senses is sublime! Banana bread to the MAX! Finished with slices of real banana.......what more can we say. YUUUUM!

Mon"Key" Mudslide ~ What do you get when you take an amazing cinnamon caramel Mon"Key" and add Belgian milk chocolate ....the Mon"Key" Mudslide! Another fun classic with a Mon"Key" twist! Just incredible! Chocolate drenched Mon"Key"  SOOOOOOOO GREAT, You just have to have this yuuuummy creation!

Pecan Pie Mon"Key" ~ How do you make pecan pie even better - create a warm and nutty pecan streusel smothered cinnamon caramel Mon"Key",   & fill it with dreamy vanilla cream!!! 
Oh My Goodness!!!

Maple Bacon Mon"Key" ~ That's right!!!! Maple & Bacon!!! Tastes like the best french toast and bacon breakfast you have ever eaten! A treat that takes you back to breakfast in mom's kitchen. What a pairing! Bacon & maple syrup baked into the layers of the cinnamon caramel Mon"Key"
SUBLIME! ......"Weak in the knees good!"

So have a little fun & start 
Mon"Key"ing Around!
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